Critter avatar for VRChat

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It's a critter! Your everyday cute semi-synthetic creature, grown in a lab and designed for maximum cuteness and comfort. Life is simpler as a critter, with no pesky fingers or gender to care about.

Critters love being modified, especially with different colors and materials.

Please keep your critter happy!

There is a public version of this avatar that you are free to try for as long as you like, as well as a spooky version.


  • Become critter
  • Fully compatible with full-body tracking, finger tracking, GoGo Loco, etc.
  • Reasonably optimized (1 mesh! 30K polys! 2 material slots!), with Good performance on PC and Medium on Quest
  • Oh yeah it's also Quest compatible! Even with the material changing! And there's also a fallback version!
  • Texturing with Krita, because critter
  • Who needs clothes when you have a collar you can take off?
  • Once you pop you just can't stop
  • Wide range of facial gestures

What this package comes with

  • Existing Unity scene with PC and Quest setup
  • Blender model
  • Texturing setup with Krita documents and an explanation of how to do
  • Some pretty extensive tutorials for VRChat stuff in general (uploading, adding materials, setting up fallbacks, etc.)
  • Example materials using Poiyomi, Warren's Fast Fur Shader (compatible with free versions of both)

What you'll need


Optional, but highly recommended:

Potentially Asked Questions

The heck is a "critter?"

It's the quasi-species that I developed over the course of the past few decades as my fursona. There is some sort of lore behind it although none of it's very serious. You can see one version of it on my Weasyl character page.

You can think of it as a gene-smashed human with some material-shifting capabilities, if that's what you're into.

Why four?

Why not?

Okay but like, why?



Why four ears? Why four eyes? Nobody ever questions those things.

So anyway, the character design started as a porcupine, and most porcupines have two sets of mammary glands, so I figured for absolute realism, so should the character. And it just kinda stuck.

What colors and materials are included in the package?

At the time of this writing, there's a matrix of five materials (skin, latex, plush, glittery-vinyl, and metal) with four color schemes (purple, paisley, polkadots, and calico), plus gold and silver.

What about the other things shown in the product banner?

The plaid variant is my own fursona, and I use it to me with. As such, it is not for sale.

Other materials are just meant as demonstrations of what's possible with a little work, and also require obtaining additional shaders which I do not have the rights to redistribute. I'm a fan of this ice/glass shader and this lava lamp shader (although the latter is very hard on other peoples' framerates, so use it sparingly).

The package comes with comprehensive documentation on adding your own materials, and the avatar is set up to make adding more materials as easy as possible with the current VRChat SDK.

License Details

You may:

  • Create public avatars for social VR applications (VRChat/ChilloutVR/etc.)
  • Use this avatar for VTuber-type purposes (VSeeFace et al) and for streaming from games that allow avatars (e.g. Beat Saber), including monetized streams and videos
  • Modify the mesh, materials, textures, etc.
  • Sell customization commissions as long as both you and the commissioner own this package
  • Add your own attribution to the info card
  • Be cute and weird

You may not:

  • Resell or redistribute the package files or modifications thereof
  • Remove the chest info card or remove my attribution from it (but adding your own additional attribution for your modifications is fine)
  • Modify this avatar with hateful content (racism, sexism, transphobia, etc.)
  • Use these assets in commercial applications without obtaining permission from me

You should:

  • Credit me in the description of your avatar
  • Be nice to others
  • If someone is sad, ask them to pull your horn
  • Become critter

I want this!

No refunds

As this is a digital product, I cannot offer refunds, although I will do whatever I can to help you to get it working for your needs.

Last updated May 16, 2023

Critter avatar preconfigured for VRChat

Full-body compatible
Finger tracking?!
Body customization
Retexturing files
Blender files
Become critter

Critter avatar for VRChat

0 ratings
I want this!